Senior Advocate Mr. Salman Khurshid

1973      :      B.A. English (Hons.), St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University

1977      :      B.A. Jurisprudence, St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University

1978      :      B.C.L., St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University

1979      :      M.A., St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University

2014      :      Elected Honourary Fellow, St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University.

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Internship Programs

Internships provide you with an opportunity to engage directly with contemporary issues and to upsurge your understanding as well as experience to deal with situations, issues and sustain your argument in a more pragmatic manner under the guidance of extremely experienced associates and lawyers.

The work of the chamber is supported by a network of academicians who offer subject specific expertise and mentor the interns in planning the next stage of their career.

The institution’s primary objective is to provide students with an opportunity to develop the skillset necessary to become successful law practitioners. There is an obedient culture regarding the tenure of internship i.e. interns are allowed to practice only during the vacations lest a written letter of consent has to be submitted from the college.

The chamber deals with all kind of matters pertaining to SC, DC, HC and also conduct religious ‘briefing sessions’ in which they(interns) too are given a chance to make an argument and validate their stands.

To build a great sense of argumentation the chamber also organizes ‘moot sessions’ whereby the interns gain a trial experience of the court proceedings.

Learning within this congenial environment and a sense of oneness that the institution encourages helps an intern to mature towards being a professional.